Long distance Running & SPRINTING

Sprint training While you may be training for a long-distance run, don’t forget about the benefits of sprinting, which will help build muscle and increase your metabolism so you can push through those final miles of a race. When jogging, it’s easy to fall into a sloppy form if your muscles are tired and you’re out […]


Clydeside AFC v Carolside SC 2007s Saturday 14 November  10.15am ko  Battery 3G Clydeside rolled up for their second home game in a row, still buoyed by the gutsy late over St Mirren the week before ! The starting line up had only one change, with young Josh having to self isolate! Their opponents, Carolside’s […]

MATCH REPORT Saturday 7 November Clydeside AFC V ST MIRREN 2007s PARKLEA 3G

After over 8 months, without a competitive game, ( due to some mad virus, 🤔) Clydeside AFC 07s finally got the chance to play a match ! Ironically, their first game back, saw them entertain Paisley rivals, St Mirren, in what was a keenly anticipated contest! The away team started strongly, and it was clear that […]

CLYDESIDE AFC 07s receive a cheque

Clydeside AFC are delighted to receive a cheque of £100 towards their club funds. Maurine Orr, (mother of Jillian, and grandmother of Robbie,) arranged this through her friends at the Lighthouse Spiritualist Church. What a wonderful gesture ! Below, Robbie can be seen handing the cheque to Ryan Canning, one of Clydeside’s coaches !

Time for clydeside afc to take a Christmas break

Folks, Even the mighty Clydeside AFC coaches and players have to take a break! NO TRAINING OR GAMES for a few weeks, which will allow everyone to have a well earned rest! Details are below of when we restart training ! Tuesday training resumes  7 January, 2020 Thursday training resumes  9 January, 2020.