Long distance Running & SPRINTING

Sprint training While you may be training for a long-distance run, don’t forget about the benefits of sprinting, which will help build muscle and increase your metabolism so you can push through those final miles of a race. When jogging, it’s easy to fall into a sloppy form if your muscles are tired and you’re out […]

9 tips to help young players deal with the full time result

Young players can sometimes struggle to handle the different highs and lows that come part and parcel of competition. Win or lose, players need to know how to cope with what happens after the full-time whistle.  1. Learning to win in the right way Teaching your players to be humble and dignified when they are […]

Flexibility training & stretching

FLEXIBILITY TRAINING Flexibility refers to the degree of movement, or range of motion, around a joint such as the knee or hip. Most movements and actions in soccer require good flexibility to be performed successfully. Take for instance, a winger running full speed to connect with a ball played over the top: a limited range […]

Game Time & play policy of CAFC 2007s

Hi folks All the coaches appreciate that you are probably all aware of our ethos for the team, and the need for developing the talent we have!  This includes good game time for all the boys and playing them in positions that they’re comfortable with, and where they can adapt to with advice from the […]

Why failure might be the best teacher for youth players

Here in the UK, there is a perception that youth football hasn’t developed players with the technical skills in the same way it has elsewhere in Europe. The FA have worked hard to try and change this with the England DNA future player program.  There is hope that this is will change how we are […]

Famous QUOTES:

It was Cruyff’s vision on the field that made him one of the greatest players of all time—seeing passes that no one else could see, but also being aware of the ebb and flow of a game and knowing how to control it. So when Cruyff talks, people listen. Johan Cruyff has a very special […]