CLYDESIDE AFC 07s MATCHDAY REPORT Saturday 14 September,2019 Thorn Park Westerton v Clydeside AFC 2007s

Clydeside were on their travels again, this time to the picturesque area of Bearsden, to play Westerton 07s. They were hoping for a better result than their last away visit to Renton. As they were playing near a golf course, it was hoped the young Clydesiders could quickly get into the swing of things, to ensure they didn’t deliver a below par performance. 

It was a slow start by the back 4 of Rory, Kieran, Robbie and Tyler, and the home team soon took advantage of this by taking an early lead. Full credit to the young lads as they fought back well with Connor and Leo working the lines well, and Josh with Luke, providing the ammunition for Kaiden and Lewis up front. With the boys working hard, it wasn’t long before they had equalised and then taken a 2-1 lead. The only downside at this point was a nasty looking injury to young Robbie. 

It might not be common knowledge that Robbie, has great talent in the acting field. Before performances he regularly gets told to “ break a leg,” which is good luck! However, and unfortunately for Robbie, he wasn’t acting today, and had to endure a nasty sprain on his ankle. Hopefully, he’s back and fully fit again soon.

As half time arrived it gave everyone a chance for refreshments and some timely advice. There were some strange looks when Sammy sauntered up to Ryan and handed him a nose bag and some hay. Sammy explained that he’d heard Ryan saying “he felt like a horse!” Ryan quickly explained that what he’d really said was “that he felt a bit hoarse,” due to his recent bout of man flu. 

Once this had been clarified, both coaches gave some timely advice on what they were looking to see in the second half, and to ensure CAFC got all 3 points,with Westerton having neigh 🐴chance of winning !!!

Into the second half, and the boys really rose to the challenge! With Ethan and Zac now on and playing well, there were chances galore getting created. Although plenty were squandered, a further 3 Clydeside goals and 1 from Westerton, ensured that the game ended 5-2 to the visitors.

A very good team performance resulted in CAFC’s 2nd league win of the season. The referee agreed that it had been a well deserved win with the whole squad playing their part, but that great play on both flanks, from Connor and Lee, had changed the game.

It was good to get the win and have a pleasant journey home. As usual some wee asides from before and after the match.

The Clydeside squad had overheard some of the locals talking about the park keepers and the trouble they’d had with Annette. Thinking that this was some rowdy, parent that they had to avoid, they made some further enquiries. To their relief, it was in fact trouble with a net…a goal net, that had more tangles than those used by North Sea fishermen !! 🐟🐠🐡🦀🦑

It was good to hear that Mick Kerr finally took receipt of his Clydeside cup that he’d been waiting for a few weeks on. Ryan had shouted at Mick to catch the cup and threw it over to him. Unfortunately it hit Mick on the head and gave him a black eye. Mick later claimed, that he’d been mugged!!!

Lastly, it was sad to hear that coaches Ryan and Sammy got lost on the way home from game. Ryan claimed that he wasn’t lost, and was just exploring the lovely scenery, whilst Sammy was surprised, that the trail of bread crumbs he’d left on the way up, was no longer there to help them find their way home ! Very surprising that !!!🤔

Onto next week and well done to all the boys and our supporters club! 😄

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