CLYDESIDE AFC 07s MATCHDAY REPORT Saturday 17 August 2019 Battery Park grass Clydeside AFC V Bridge of Weir 2007s

After last Saturday’s splendid victory, the young Clydesiders were scheduled for another home match, this time v Bridge of Weir. They were full of confidence going into this game, and wanted to keep the feelgood factor going. The only downside was, our predictable, unpredictable weather had taken a terrible turn and Storm Inverclyde was raging. Those who had thought this fixture might be a breeze, now realised that their parade could be heavily rained upon.

It was so wet, that the park keeper had to borrow the Kilcreggan ferry to get the boys from the clubhouse to the park. At this point, things didn’t look ferry good, but the loyal parents and supporters were hoping for brighter things on the park. The 14 strong squad went through their thorough warm up with coach Stewart, trying to decide the most suitable footwear for the conditions…flippers, diving boots or sliders? In the end, most managed to get their football boots ready for action. The referee decided, that as the park was now at low tide, it would be sensible to get started ASAP. The only drawback now, was trying to get the ducks off the park, before the players and coaches started quacking up! 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆. After a combined and tiring effort, all ducks were removed. Though, we’re not quite sure, who’ll be footing the bill for this work!😫

Robin, Rory, James, Kieran, Robbie, Luke, Carter, Josh, Leo, Lewis, Kaiden, Connor, Ethan & Cameron were the squad for the day and were now ready for action in miserable conditions, with Jacques Cousteau and a team of kayakers on standby! 🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️🚣‍♀️

On the sidelines, the parents huddled together and wished that the CAFC merchandise store sold golf umbrellas. J O’Malley had come up with this brolly good idea before, and its one that may be revisited !

Unfortunately, the brutal conditions seemed to affect the young home side more than their opponents and it wasn’t the most productive day.

Donna Canning, watching on the sidelines, was taking some positives from this day. She was glad that young Leo had heeded her advice and not put on the fake tan that morning. As she gleefully told the other mums, “nothing worse than a fake tan going streaky in the rain!”😂

Despite great efforts throughout the match, it was Bridge of Weir who mastered the awful conditions, a lot better. Putting their fastest swimmer, I mean, player, up front was a master stroke and was the undoing of the young Clydeside team.

A strong last 20 mins, nearly salvaged the game, but when the referee’s whistle blew for full time, it was B of Weir who swam/ran out 8-5 winners.

Despite the disappointment, it was time to clean off the seaweed, and board the ferry back to the pavilion, in readiness for the next fixture .

CAFC scorers were Leo x 2, Carter, Lewis and Kaiden.

Everyone at Clydeside Athletic FC 2007s thank the following:-

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