Welcome to Clydeside AFC’s PARENT & PLAYER Question & Answer section of our website !

This is a new and fun section, so that we can get to know our players and families, that little bit better! First up in this section are mother, Kerianne Baillie and her son, Lewis Neill!



Name:- Lewis Neill
School:- Clydeview Academy
Position in team:- Striker/centre forward
Fave team(s):- Rangers and Liverpool
Fave footballer:- Andy Robertson
Other fave sports:- Basketball and Golf
Fave food:- Duck
Fave drink:- Coke
Fave movie:- Step brothers
Fave TV show:- Scorpion
Fave music or band:- I don’t really have one I listen to anything
Xbox or PlayStation:- PlayStation
iPhone or Android:- iPhone
iPad, Tablet or PC:-PC
Best pal in team :- Robin
Fave time of year:- Summer
Best holiday ever:- Salou
Any funny stories:- on my p7 residential trip I jumped in a puddle and didn’t realise it was deep. It went all the way up to my armpits! I ended up soaking for the rest of the day.
Any embarrassing moments:- I thought I could jump from one plank of wood to another up the cut and ended up falling in the water. I spent the rest of the walk dripping wet with a big graze on my arm!
Fave Joke:- how do you make a pool table laugh? Tickle it’s balls
Best part of being a Clydeside AFC player:- Good chemistry between the players and coaches.
Any other info about yourself you’d like to share:- I love Fifa 20 ultimate team and I’m quite good at it. I want to be a footballer or a games designer when I’m older.


Name:- Kerianne Baillie
Family members:- James Baillie (husband) three sons Lewis (12) Aaron (11) and Ollie (7)
Occupation:- Staff nurse
Hobbies:- Family days out, reading, cinema
Fave food:- Italian, mexican
Fave drink :- Non-alcoholic: Pepsi max, Alcoholic: Gallo spritz
Fave movie:- Top Gun
Fave TV show:- Greys Anatomy
Fave music or band:- The Dualers
iPhone or Android:- iPhone
iPad, Tablet or PC:- PC
Fave time of year :- Autumn
Best holiday ever:- Salou
Any funny stories:- I’m known to have rubbish eyesight and I was terrible for not wanting to wear my glasses when I was younger. I was about 10 and was waiting for my pal to come home who lived at the end of my street. I shouted my mum to tell her I was off out as she was home, turned out it was a traffic cone on the pavement! Needless to say I’ve worn glasses ever since.
Fave joke:- who is the coolest guy in the hospital? The ultrasound guy. Who is the coolest guy in the hospital when the ultrasound guy is off? The hip replacement guy.
Any embarrassing moments:- I’m often reminded of the time I had one too many lemonades and tried to phone an Indian takeaway from Scunthorpe! Arguing on the phone with the guy as they said they delivered anywhere !
Best part of being a Clydeside
parent/family member:- Clydeside are a great team and the coaches and parents work really well for the boys. The boys have all become really friendly and it’s lovely to see, particularly as Lewis came into the team not knowing anyone.
Any other info about yourself you’d like to share:- I’m quite boring really, always working, studying or spending time with my boys!

Well done to Kerianne and Lewis ! Brilliant answers and some funny stuff ! 😀😀😀😀😀

The next parent and player Q & A will be with us soon ! 👍

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