Game Time & play policy of CAFC 2007s

Hi folks

All the coaches appreciate that you are probably all aware of our ethos for the team, and the need for developing the talent we have! 

This includes good game time for all the boys and playing them in positions that they’re comfortable with, and where they can adapt to with advice from the coaches !

We all had a think after Saturday’s game v Renfrew and we hope this clarifies everything going forward!

1/ The coaches’ thoughts haven’t changed with regard to the way we are doing things ! Developing the talent we have or may get supersedes the win at all costs mentality ! 

If we get them playing the right way and understanding the basics of shape , defending in any position  as part of a team, then the winning of games and subsequent results takes care of itself !!!

2/  We will always try to play the boys in preferred positions, but everyone has to understand that we have to get balance of team correct , (especially for the transition to 11 a sides in August !) Our preference is for boys to be able to play and understand at least 2 positions and not be phased or overawed  if asked to play in a secondary position ! 

We shall always, if required, explain our reasons for playing the boys in certain positions! Parents and boys should support & trust the judgement of the coaches! 

3/ As you may have all seen from the 3 development games and one friendly, every boy, has had, on average, 30 mins game time for every game !

This is pretty good, considering we can have 15 boys at a game and only 9 can start or play at any one time !

As a group, we don’t believe it would be beneficial at this point to leave any boys out of the squad for a Saturday game !

However, this can change on the following conditions, and is, in our opinions, the fairest way to do things:-

a) if a boy is MISSING BOTH WEEKLY TRAINING SESSIONSunless for very valid reasons,) it is highly unlikely they’ll be considered for the squad & Saturday game.!!

b) if he is only at one weekly session their game time may be less than a player who has attended at both!

4/ For changes during games we will look at ways that ensure minimum disruption to the team and try to keep the players as positionally comfortable as possible!

5/ We have made  a list of the boys , what we believe to be their main position and a possible secondary one !!!

Changes during games will try and hopefully reflect this ….👍

Please do not read any of this negatively or that we’re trying to deviate from our plans for the team ! They remain the same and will do, for the foreseeable future. These points just make it clearer for parents to understand that it’s important to get to both training nights, and that matchday game time should reflect that !

Also, please never think that Clydeside coaches will be happy with second best or losing !

We all want to win , of course we do ! The main point is we want to win, playing and doing everything the correct way ! If we can achieve this , the enjoyment for everyone at our club becomes infinitely more satisfying !👍😀⚽️

Thanks for reading and for all your continued support!

King regards 


Clydeside AFC 2007s

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