MATCH REPORT Drumchapel Utd Reds v Clydeside AFC Sunday 26 May, 2019 10am ko Donald Dewar Centre Drumchapel

For their final 11s transition game , Clydeside AFC travelled to Drumchapel, and the Donald Dewar centre…named after the late, Scottish political leader.

It was hoped that when they started the game, their play would not be too Laboured or Conservative but would contain a Liberal sprinkling of skill and energy! 👍😉

As they assembled for their warm up and pre match checks, the talk was of a new player amongst their ranks. No one knew who he was or could readily identify him ! He had a fine glow about his presence and wore the number 7. Was it a relation of Cristiano Ronaldo 👌on an exchange visit to Inverclyde? Or were we in the presence of Marvel Superhero The Black Panther, anticipating a slightly physical encounter!💪Maybe it was a taller, slimmer, Oompah Loompah! 🤔

The mystery was solved when it turned out to be Clydeside’s very own, Leo Canning !

The story goes that Leo was desperate for an early all over tan, in readiness for his summer hols! He firstly asked his dad, Ryan, if he could borrow his membership card for the South St tanning salon! His dad flatly refused, explaining that only Morton players & Donna get to use this !🤥

Young Leo’s solution was to buy a bottle of fake tan, and the rest is history !!! Leo has stated that he was only following the advice he had read in his dad’s monthly magazine, ‘ The Sunbathers Journal!’ This stated that the best day of the week to have or get a tan was on a Sun day! ☀️😡☀️!

So who could blame young Leo for trying !!!😉

Onto the game, and the home boys were hoping to turn in a great performance, before finishing for the summer break !

In a pretty intimidating arena, the 

CAFC boys showed great maturity and restraint despite some very tough tackling from their opponents and a few aggressive shouts from the sidelines ! At one point, a Drumchapel parent was asked to leave, after apparently filling the swear box in 5 mins ! The colourful language, only being eclipsed by young Leo’s tan!!!

As well as having to combat some rough tackles on James, Cameron and Kaiden ( which merited yellow cards,)  the Clydeside youngsters, also had to contend with some dubious refereeing decisions! The best of these being Carter and Cameron straight through on goal and being unceremoniously hauled back ! This prompted loud shouts from coaches Sammy, Jamie and Jim about the ref’s poor eyesight ( or words to that effect!) 

Only for the ref to shout back that ‘ My optician is a legend, due to the new set of glasses  he had given me last week !’

He continued to say that they were so good that they allowed him to see well into next year.

He now claimed he had 2020 vision.


Despite all these distractions, a superb team performance ensured that CAFC would return to Inverclyde with a well deserved victory ! A goal in either half by young Lewis ensured a 2-0 victory ! The team coaches were delighted with every boy’s effort and attitude on the day ! A clean sheet for young Robin in goal and a wee mention for Rory and Ethan who played in unfamiliar positions, but acquitted themselves very well ! 

Special mention for the team celebrating in a very dignified manner at the end and shaking all their opponents hands…Thats always hugely important and says a lot about our boys and the ethos we’re trying to build!😇

The coaches are loathe to single out too many individuals as it was a tremendous team performance, with tempers, discipline, and shape retained well throughout !!!

Last words of the day were from the Drumchapel coach who admitted that ‘ His team had been like CAFC’s no 7…well tanned’!!!🤣😀👍

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