MATCH REPORT Saturday 13/04/19 Clydeside AFC v Renfrew 2007s

10.30am ko

The young Clydeside AFC team and supporters were forced to play their first game away from their hallowed turf at Battery Park, to visit the mighty metropolis of Renfrew.
As they boarded their transport from Inverclyde with the sun splitting the streets and t shirts, suncream and ice lollies onboard, little did they realise what was waiting for them in the Frozen and windy tundra beyond Bishopton!
No one knew that the SNP’s love for wind farms had been located in Renfrew, but here, there was more wind present than the annual Heinz Baked Beans convention, and it was definitely not warm!
All the Clydeside boys, had sensibly worn their padded jackets, and now the coaches were getting the ankle weights out, to ensure none of the wee guys were blown away by the icy tornado!
During the warm up, coach Ryan had looked up to take a picture of someone flying a kite …only to discover that it was one of the young Renfrew players, who had taken off in the strong wind, and the kite string was in fact an extra long shoelace, held by his coach to prevent him disappearing into the horizon!!!🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪
Onto the game , and with only young Kieran missing, Clydeside had 14 players to choose from !
Against a strong Renfrew team, the boys started slowly and were finding it hard to get any rhythm at all. The back 4 of keeper Robin, Luke, Robbie and Ethan were working hard and ably supported by Carter, Kaiden, Connor , Tyler & Lewis to try and get their passing football going.
With 14 boys, it was always going to be hard to get continuity , and after 15 mins , 5 changes were made with Leo, James, Rory, Josh & Cameron appearing !
This undoubtedly caused uncertainty, and this was backed up when Renfrew scored 2 goals in a minute !
Undeterred by the scoreline and icy wind, the youngsters kept plugging away till halftime ! A welcome break to get a drink, and some words of advice from the coaches. The ice blast was still relentless and even a passing skeleton was heard to moan that the wind was going straight through him !😫
Into the second half , and the coaches continued to rotate the squad to ensure that game time was plentiful and every boy got a chance to showcase their talent!
Try as they might they couldn’t find a way past a determined and resilient Renfrew defence and their tall keeper, who had made some great saves!
Despite this and losing 2 further goals, the boys’ never gave up and showed great character throughout !
A light hearted moment occurred
when Coach Donny could see a ball was going out of play and was telling one of the boys to ‘Let it go, let it go…to which Coach Sammy confirmed he was indeed ‘Frozen!’ 😂
It was not to be Clydeside’s day, but as the coaches always stress, it’s about development !!!
It looks like there will be a break for Easter but the young boys will be back, stronger than ever, after the break ! Eggsactly the attitude we’re looking for ! The wee guys are all doing well and will continue to improve!😀

Last word of the day came from the local groundsman! When he was asked why it was so windy at this football park? He replied ‘that it was because of all the fans surrounding the pitch !’ 😫👍

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