Mick Kerr has purchased a couple of paintings from his good friend, John Dollard, and John has himself, donated one. This is to help Clydeside AFC 07s raise as much money as is possible towards the boys’ planned trip to Newcastle OR just the funds in general,  if trip doesn’t  go ahead ⚽.  

Not everyone supports the Old Firm but these paintings would make a lovely gift for someone you do know.  ( if it becomes too much for everyone to donate each time we can then share on Facebook to friends !)   A friend did this not so long ago, to raise funds and was very successful in doing it, with the bonus ball as the winner! ( This will generate the most amount of money for each painting ) and that’s our aim for the boys/club funds 👍🏼. 

So what Mick was thinking was to offer £5 a number until all 59 numbers are sold and the winner would be the bonus ball number from the next available lottery draw !

So let’s have a go to make as much money for the boys trip as possible ! 😀👍🏼⚽

Mick has set up a paypal, so payments can be made via …..   

Let Mick, or someone connected with the club know, what numbers you want 👍🏼!

We will start off with the Stevie Gerrard painting! The best of luck to everyone taking part and please  involve all friends and family. Thanks in advance , for supporting Clydeside Athletic FC 

2007s. 😀👍⚽️

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